bellavista neo

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bellavista neo

For our smallest and most sensitive patients.

Highest precision in volume and pressure control – with a unique user experience.

Reliability and safety are key in ventilation. One of the most demanding challenges is to ventilate neonates, where you need highest precision in volume and pressure control. bellavista combines latest technology with precise delivery of flow for our smallest patients. 

bellavista, a safe, complete and future proof ventilator for our smallest and most sensitive patients.


Technical Specifications bellavista neo


Parameter Specification
bellavista 1000 neo
Patient Types Neonatal
Technology High performance turbine
Ventilation Modes
  • Pressure controlled
  • Volume controlled
P-ACtarget, PC-SIMVtarget, PSVtarget
  • Non Invasive Modes
CPAP, PSV, P-AC, PC-SIMV, P-ACtarget, PC-SIMVtarget, PSVtarget, nCPAP, nIPPV, HFOT
  • Adaptive Mode
  • Apnea Ventilation
  • Backup Modes
PSV, Burst backup
Inspiratory pressure 2..45 mbar
Psupport 2..45 mbar
PEEP 0..20 mbar
Tidal volume 2 ml..250 ml (with TargetVent option)
Inspiratory time 0.1..2 sec
Respiratory rate 0..150 bpm
I:E ratio 1:59; 5:1
Inspiratory Trigger Flow 0.1..20 l/min, Pressure 0.1..15 mbar, Trigger off
Expiratory Trigger 5..90%
Rise time auto.rise, 0..400 ms manual
Leakage Compensation auto.leak, full In- and Expiratory compensation
Curves Pressure, Flow, Volume, SpO2, etcCO2
Loops Pressure Volume, Pressure Flow, Flow Volume
Monitoring 45 online parameters
Maneuvers Inspiratory Hold, Expiratory Hold, NIF(Negative Inspiratory Force), Vtrapped, P0.1 (Occlusion Pressure), AutoPEEP, Manual Breath
O2 Flush FiO2 and duration configurable
Graphics TargetVent view
Trending Monitoring Parameters and Curves
Oxygen 21% to 100%, high and low pressure oxygen inlet
Options Sidestream Capnography
SpO2 Plethysmography
Patient circuit types Single Limb and Dual Limb Circuits
Dimensions (w × h × d) 350 × 220 × 330 mm
Screen 13.3" Colour, full Touchscreen operation
Battery time max. 6h (internal)
Interfaces 2 × RS232, 2 × USB, Can Bus, Ethernet, CO2, SpO2, Nurse Call, VGA
Weight 12.8 kg
Power input 100-240 VAC/50-60 Hz, low voltage input 24 VDC/3.5 A

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