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Imtmedical AG
bellavista 1000
A universal and versatile solution for ventilating every patient. Highly configurable, easy to use, maximum patient comfort.
bellavista neo
For our smallest and most sensitive patients.

Highest precision in volume and pressure control – with a unique user experience.

Reliability and safety are key in ventilation. One of the most demanding challenges is to ventilate neonates, where you need highest precision in volume and pressure control. bellavista combines latest technology with precise delivery of flow for our smallest patients.

bellavista, a safe, complete and future proof ventilator for our smallest and most sensitive patients.
bellavista 1000e
The key to an exceptional user experience is the display. imtmedical’s bellavista 1000e has an excellent, brilliant, high resolution 17.3” capacitive glass touchscreen. The screen allows you to have a clear and detailed overview of numbers and curves at a glance, even in complex and challenging work situations. Working, touching and swiping with the capacitive screen feels natural and comfortable right from the first touch.

Medical Supplies
Biocare iM 12 Patient Monitor
iM 12 Patient Monitor
• 12.1” high resolution color TFT display;
• Optional full touch-screen and handwriting for easy operation;
• Attractive and durable silicon button with backlight;
• 20 types of ventricular arrhythmia and S-T segment analysis;
MESPA Hospital Bed
COMFORT 1100’s ergonomic design guarantees stability, safe patient handling and superior manoeuvrability during emergency. The stretcher incorporates various functions that speed up patient evaluation procedures.
Hayek RTX Respirator
The Hayek RTX Respirator provides an efficient and effective method of non-invasive external ventilation and can be a real alternative to traditional forms of ventilation. The Hayek RTX actively controls the inspiratory and expiratory phases of respiration (using BCV), making the device work physiologically and successfully.

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